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LALA's lingerie has the innovative designs, mesmerizing colors, and comfortable high-tech fabrics, combined with plenty of body shaping technologies.
Each item offers individualistic design to promote the ideal body line, regardless of age or body shape. Please enjoy the variety of coordination to match your daily mood and clothing.

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3-dimensional body shaping, while taking care of your body.

Four effects with one

point1. Form your cleavage

  • A spectacular upward-facing breast and tightly held beautiful cleavage is achievable because of the high-end cutting skill and the 3-dimensional 3/4 cup with three gores!

point2. Slim down the stomach area

  • Only because of the extra long nipper bra, it will flatten out your stomach.

point3. Straighten back muscle

  • Double layered clothing fabrics crossed in the back will support your posture.

point4. Corset for your flab around your back

  • The front closure will successfully bring your back and side flab toward the front center.

  • Nipper BustierAP fiberPhotoelectron fibers
    • Color (Total 7 colors) : Coral Champagne / Baby Pink / Misty Black / LOVE / Blue Jeans / Olive / White ○ (White G cup will be a custom-ordered.)
      • Size : A65~80/B65~95/C65~95/D65~95/E65~95/F65~95/G65~95
  • Lacy ShortsPhotoelectron fibers
    • Color (Total 11 colors) : Coral Champagne / Baby Pink / Blue Moon / Black / LOVE / Blue Jeans / Olive / Angel / Cherry / White ○ / Café au late
      • Size : S/M/L/LL
  • Sanitary ShortsPhotoelectron fibers
    • Color (Total 1 colors) : Rose&Black
      • Size : S/M/L/LL
  • High Waist GirdleAP fiberPhotoelectron fibers
    • Color (Total 7 colors) : Coral Champagne / Baby Pink / Misty Black / LOVE / Blue Jeans / Olive / White ○
      • Size : 58/64/70/76/82/90/98
  • High Waist Short GirdleAP fiberPhotoelectron fibers
    • Color (Total 3 colors) : Coral Champagne / Baby Pink / Misty Black
      • Size : 58/64/70/76/82

fantasy Nipper BustierNipper BustierNipper BustierNipper Bustierfantasy Lacy Shorts Lacy Shorts Sanitary ShortsSanitary Shortsfantasy High Waist GirdleHigh Waist Girdlefantasy High Waist Short GirdleHigh Waist Short Girdle

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