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Sexy body for men who can get things done.
A well-toned healthy body is a prerequisite for elevating man's worth. State of the art inner clothing that wraps around your body, instantly converting your body into an ideal form.

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BiBi Men's


men's bibi back

For a sexy man, strong straight back is essential.

men's bibi pump
Because of the double layered Power Net in the back, your chest region will be spread open to straighten out your posture. As demonstrated in the product name, you can pump up your body by simply wearing it.
pump image

Men's Girdle (with supporter)

With strong Power Net, achieve tight abdominal and hip!

Men's Girdle (with supporter)

Super Lower Back Supporter was developed specifically for back pain and its prevention in mind. By protecting the lumbar spine with the strong Power Net and the inverted triangular stitching, your back will be supported to stabilize your posture. Also, the worrisome stomach and hip area will be tightened subtly to shape up your body.

Boxer Briefs

Get rid of the sweat and moist, while achieving an incredible fit and feel.

pump boxerSay goodbye to the uncomfortable sweat and moist! Utilizing a fast-dry material with superior sweat absorption. Excellent stretchiness with an incredible fit and feel.

Men's Shape-Up Spats


Shape-Up Spats Image
The original sewing developed from the taping theory supports the body movement. It supports the hip joint movement, and makes the daily activity such as "stand," "sit," and "walk" easier.
In addition, the easier hip joint movement makes the activities such as walking, trekking and light exercises more enjoyable. It will also help to increase your muscle strength through repetition.

taping theory
When extending the knee, the tape which has stretched with bending the knee, tries to revert back to its normal condition.
This force supports the muscle movement, thereby lessening the strain on the muscle.


  • Men's Girdle (with supporter)     AP fiberphotoelection fibertechnofine
    • Color : Black
      • Size : M/L/LL/3L
  • Pump     AP fiberphotoelection fibertechnofine
    • Color (Total 2 colors) : Black / White ○
      • Size : M/L/LL/3L/4L
  • Running Pump     AP fiberphotoelection fibertechnofine
    • Color (Total 2 colors) : Black / White ○
      • Size : LL/3L/4L
  • Full Sleeve High‐Necked Pump     AP fiberphotoelection fibertechnofine
    • Color : Black
      • Size : M/L/LL/3L/4L
  • Boxer Briefs (2 pairs)     AP fibertechnofine
    • Color : Black
      • Size : M/L/LL
  • Men's Shape-Up Spats     photoelection fibertechnofine
    • Color : Black
      • Size : M/L/LL/3L

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